Sameer Arote

Founder and Director

A totally inspired and dedicated person towards the environment. A person with a vision and ability to convert ideas into implementation. Had interest and knowledge of environmental aspects right from the childhood, and started his journey by joining a company producing environmental equipments. Experience in handling domestic as well as international projects which makes him stand as a successful manager. Handled a plant of 120+ employees with effective managerial skills and showing financial skills by an output of turnover of crores. Also has strong experience in EcoPly manufacturing.

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2001 - 2004

Bright Beginnings

Joined as a Trainee Engineer in a well known company which was into environmental equipment production. Performance and dedication led to the promotion which then riased him to Sr. Production Manager until leaving the organisation.
2004 - 2015

The Emerging Years

Worked in an organisation as a Production Manager and gained strong experience of 11 years. These years made him emerge as the best manager by handling and delivering projects internationally in Iran, China, Dubai, Nigeria. Also managed a plant of 120+ employees and helped company to gain maximum profit.
2015 - 2017

Birth of an Entrepreneur

Worked with a company which produced EcoPly and was influenced by the idea. With a vision to start something new and different, firstly started a self -owned firm for manufacturing of Generators, Steel Plant Machineries, Panels etc. Had a strong desire to manufacture EcoPly, and started working towards the implementation of the same.
2017 Onwards

Waste Management Today

After a deep, proper study and research of the new concept, started working on the project with a friend and finally made it come true. Effectively delivering best quality to number of clients with a satisfactory returns.