Purpose & Values

“M/s. Puna Ecoply Pvt Ltd is into recycling waste as well as post consumed tetra pack, laminated material and packaging material and producing eco-friendly products like boards, ply, doors, pallets, roofing sheets etc. Purpose behind producing EcoPly is the increasing need to safeguard the environment and spreading awareness in the society. Our values teach us to deliver the most outstanding and world class quality product. Puna EcoPly will always be true to their values and policies, giving best to the society.

Company History

Sept 2015

Compilation and Selection of Idea

An emerging phase where this idea highly inspired the directors to take out time and think over it in order to make some revolution in this industry.
December 2015

Study and Research

Immediate action towards the concept was taken and all the resources focused on the study and research of this concept. A deep and thorough research was done in order to gain excellence and introduce something different into the market.
June 2016

Step Towards Execution

After deep study and research, a step was taken for proper and systematic execution of the project. Infrastructure, machinery, resource allocation took a great momentum and played a vital role in aerly execution of the project.
2017 Onwards

Puna Ecoply Today

Puna Ecoply gained high altitudes and made its name in market by providing most prominent and satisfactory service to the customers. PunaEcoply is known for its highly durable, sustainable and quality products.
Very outstanding and Eco-Friendly concept. Liked the process and all the management at PunaEcoPly. The products are very good, their quality and build is strong. Got to interact with the management team. I experienced a very friendly and open response from them at each and every stage.
Schneider Electric
Sachin Gopale Schneider Electric
This is a great product to go with. All the products manufactured here have very high quality and durability. I personally found EcoPly way more attractive than any ordinary ply. Used this EcoPly for my cattle feed plant. And I am quite satisfied with the product and its quality.
Arjun Agro Feed
Sanchit Kotkar Arjun Agro Feed

Waste Management Experts

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