Weekly product will be split 65 ways equally

Code that happens to look the same, don refactor. Only refactor if there actually a reason why the code is the same. Which is to say, attempt to predict the future: if a change is made to one instance of the code, do I expect it to be replicated to the other instances too?.

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uk canada goose Applicants will be entitled to a full refund of any fees should they wish to withdraw from the process.AGLC spokeswoman Heather Holmen said until supply is stabilized, the focus will be on Alberta’s 65 currently licensed retailers, which will split weekly shipments evenly, with a smaller share kept for the agency’s online customers, many of whom live in communities not served by cannabis shops.”It’s essentially being rationed,” she said, adding the province has contracted with 15 licensed producers whose output has fallen well short of what had initially been pledged.”We’re not hoarding for ourselves. Weekly product will be split 65 ways equally, and retailers will have the option to purchase up to that limit.”Article content continuedA poster sent by the AGLC to a marijuana retailer in Calgary on Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018. uk canada goose

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