There is just one important thing missing though

At a glance, the mutation seemed trivial. About 1,300 amino acids serve as building blocks for a protein on the surface of the virus. In the mutant virus, the genetic instructions for just one of those amino acids number 614 switched in the new variant from a “D” (shorthand for aspartic acid) to a “G” (short for glycine)..

Suppose your airplane crashes onto some forsaken island in the middle of the ocean. Instead of panicking and screaming like a little girl, take out the Sword of Omens and yell ‘Thunder’! Or better yet, use Prince of Persia’s Dagger of Time and undo the whole calamity. There’s plenty of sand on a deserted island to refill the dagger..

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Schools may keep their first six previously scheduled games, but all regular season football contracts are now voidable by either school, especially in the event that conferences redo their league schedules to fit into the first six weeks. In addition, the OHSAA will determine new playoff regions in September. Schools that are eliminated from the playoffs may continue to schedule regular season games up until November 14..

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