While the technique does have some flaws

Survey your finances: Make sure you know what you’ll owe when you die, including the costs of probate. Subtract that from your assets and make sure you have a general idea of how much money you’ll have left over. By keeping tabs on your remaining assets, you’ll be more prepared to know what you’ll pay in taxes..

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Two centuries later, in his book “Why We Can’t Wait,” Martin Luther King Jr. Recovered the history of Attucks as part of the continuum of civil rights. “A great great grandson of Crispus Attucks,” he wrote, “might be ruled out of some restricted, all white restaurant,” notwithstanding his military uniform and his legacy as a hero of American independence.

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I am a huge sports fan and even I was unaware of the whole story until I watched the ESPN special “Catching Hell”a few months ago. The program explained that Steve was actually listening to the game on a radio with headphones on his ears. The game on the radio was actually a few seconds slower than the actual real game action.

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