No surprise, really, when you consider that it the

“Safety was our primary goal, but with that goal came some sacrificing of humanity,” the doctor said. “And we apologize for so many things that are not our fault that we couldn’t have done differently. I say that I’m sorry to a family when a patient died, even if we have done everything that humans could possibly do.

Being paid in full now also doesn’t mean that things will stay that way for players. What the collective bargaining agreement between the league and its players describes as a “Force Majeure Event” the legal term for unforeseeable circumstances, such as an epidemic or pandemic could still come into play. Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, players could lose 1.08% of their annual salary for each game that is canceled..

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With the catchy Go Round, Khan eschews musical convention to deliver 3minute 30 seconds of effervescent bliss. In fact, the track has proved so popular amongst Khan dedicated contingent of followers, that it is now listed as his top song on iTunes. No surprise, really, when you consider that it the hottest track in the category on the platform..

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