During the second Mitt Romney campaign

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But then you see the rise of the evangelicals who see Mormons as a threat, and in ’90s, the rise of the anti Mormonism that had been present all along but became much more sophisticated. In the first Mitt Romney campaign, a lot of the reporters were going to the evangelicals and the people who were critical of the church. During the second Mitt Romney campaign, I think there was a little more sophistication, and people trying to report a bit more fairly.

Senate majority leader and 1996 GOP presidential nominee.Yahoo NewsPoll gives Democrats bad news in key Senate raceRepublican Montana Sen. Steve Daines, running for reelection, holds a 6 point lead against Democratic Gov. Senate, according to a poll released Monday by Emerson College.

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Americans adore deals, and they want to use their smartphones to obtain those discounts. In fact, a recent report by Colloquy indicates that 26 percent of consumers would stop using a loyalty program if it lacked a smartphone app. Major retailers are aware of these preferences, and the Walmarts, Targets and Amazons of the world all offer ways for consumers to save a few bucks.


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