I didn’t expect the souvlaki to be the same that

Hell, I even wrote a Metal Mondays post this year called “The Grammys Must Hate Heavy Metal.”So you would think that when heavy metal musicians and those who work in the industry have a chance to celebrate their own type of “heavy metal Grammys,” there would be an overwhelming out pouring of support. It would seem that unless you were touring, there’s no excuse not to go to the Golden Gods as a heavy metal artist, whether you want to jump on stage for a cameo performance, hang out with your friends and down some drinks, or just be there to support the industry. However, that doesn’t really seem to be the case at least not this year.

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wholesale nba basketball And now I find myself with a bitch of a headache and a REALLY long dark night of the soul looms over me on the Sword of Damocles tip. Yay. Whitney Houston needs to be severely punished for that whole I believe the children are our future nonsense. I ordered a combo of burger, fries and a can of pop ($7.00) as well as chicken souvlaki in a bun ($6.64). The burger was juicy with https://www.cheapnewhats.net that nice hint of char flavour. I didn’t expect the souvlaki to be the same that Anderson had since the place had changed so many hands, as I later tell Anderson in a follow up call (he simply says “mmm hmm” in agreement and tells me again how wonderfully garlicky Atsidako’s tzatzki was). wholesale nba basketball

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