This maritime theme is now stimulating new work and new

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canada goose factory sale Exploration and exploitation of the world’s coastlines, of the marine resources that can be found there, and of the oceanic realm that lies beyond, is one of the great colonising processes of human history, with roots that extend deep into the prehistoric past. The sea has provided food for millions, acted as a potent source of ancient myth and metaphor, and served as a conduit for movement, cultural contact and trade connections that have bound together territories adjacent to the great sea basins of the North Sea, the Mediterranean and further afield.This maritime theme is now stimulating new work and new perspectives across the world. It is implicated in all the great transformations and developments of prehistory, including the spread of early human populations into new canada goose buy uk territory, agricultural dispersals, and later movements of trade and conquest extending into the historical era, when wind power and seafaring greatly expanded the range and frequency of long distance movements.This module will provide an introduction to this thematic approach to world archaeology, drawing on case studies from a range of time periods and geographical areas. canada goose factory sale

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