Kushner is a signature away from a 100 million dollar real

People are amazing. We had one guy cross six lanes of traffic to help direct us to the Tokyo Museum. We had another get off a train and walk us through the right connections to get us to the bullet train we booked to Kyoto. 2 points submitted 21 hours agothere is concrete info, there is literally loads of information on the internet from digging into patch files about a BR or survival mode with all of the items / med kits / different grenade types and all types of shit. Devs have been caught playing on survival island and blacksite or whatever. What more concrete info do you need? Then the entire twitter post asking what you are doing wednesday meaning to CANCEL IT BECAUSE they have something better.

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Group Life Insurance The continuation of group life insurance for a specific period of time may also be included by an employer as part of a severance pay package. The cost of $50,000 or less group life insurance is generally excluded as part of the employee’s taxable income. If the value of the group life coverage exceeds $50,000, the difference between the costs of the tax exempt coverage and the costs of the above ceiling coverage will be considered as taxable and shall form part of the employee’s gross income.

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