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Often however, prices show a sharp downward trend or a bust. Boom or bust, the market price of homes always stabilize. The House Price Index, which is a measure of average price changes in repeat sales of single family homes, grew at an average of only 5% between the years 1978 and 2003.

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3 points submitted 13 hours agoIt perfectly acceptable to say that we don know how we alive, or feel emotions. Wind, lightening, disease, etc.Then grant them the assumption that we have souls, and ask them to explain to you how their soul interacts with their body:How Can Souls Move Bodies? Descartes and Princess Elisabeth of BohemiaNot only do they take it on faith that we have souls, they also have no clue how a soul interacts with the physical body. They in a much worst place than we are answering these types of questions.

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