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We offer complete industrial waste management services, from collection to recycling.


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We help business adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible recycling practices.


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We focus on disposing of all waste sustainably and minimizing environmental impact.

Welcome to PunaEcoPly

We are an Emerging Waste Recycling Company, Committed to The Environment

Puna EcoPly is into recycling the waste as well as post consumed tetra pack, laminated material and packaging material and produces eco friendly products like boards, ply, doors, pallets, roofing sheets etc.

We strongly recommend that our products are replacement for wooden ply and can be used for furnitures, interior design and packaging material.

We Facilitate

 15000 sq feet factory area.

 Monthly manufacturing capacity of 200 MT finished products.

Proper area for raw material storage, production , cutting and finished products.

Semiautomatic machineries with highly experienced (more than 10 years) and skilled operators.

 Testing facilities to maintain good quality.

Environmental Aspects

Our technology has a potential to use waste material as raw material for value-added composite production using no adhesive in the panels, and therefore, such panels would possibly create significant ecological impact as green product.

Waste Collection
Use of waste material as raw material for value-added composite production, for cost effective manufacturing.
Recycling Services
Recycling waste material to use as raw material, thus creating a new benchmark in Eco-Friendly production.
Environmental Awareness
Considering environmental need and taking a step ahead to maintain the balance and create an Environmental Awareness.
Eco Friendly Goods Production
Giving a replacement for other things and introducing Eco-Friendly products for your needs.
Quality Audits
Top level quality audits and checkups for providing you the most effective and trustworthy product.
Quality and Durability of our product ensures trust, thus creating a sustainability.

Waste Management Experts

Meet our leadership team.

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Client Testimonials

Very outstanding and Eco-Friendly concept. Liked the process and all the management at PunaEcoPly. The products are very good, their quality and build is strong. Got to interact with the management team. I experienced a very friendly and open response from them at each and every stage.
Schneider Electric
Sachin Gopale Schneider Electric
This is a great product to go with. All the products manufactured here have very high quality and durability. I personally found EcoPly way more attractive than any ordinary ply. Used this EcoPly for my cattle feed plant. And I am quite satisfied with the product and its quality.
Arjun Agro Feed
Sanchit Kotkar Arjun Agro Feed
I have been through a lot of products when I wanted to design furniture for my office in a very cost effective way. Then I got to know about PunaEcoPly who manufacture these type of EcoPly. I a very much satisfied with their product as it lead to a very cost effective designing of my office. Thanks to PunaEcoPly !!!
Tejas Walunj HostingDuty

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